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The Redwood Empire Quilters Guild promotes the appreciation and preservation of quilts and quilt making. We provide quilts to charitable community organizations to meet community needs. We sponsor and support educational opportunities that further public knowledge of quilts, quilt making, and quilt history.



November Guest Speaker and workshops!

Trudy Cleveland from Oceanside California has agreed to give a presentation entitled “How to Shoot Your Quilt” at the Thursday, November 5 general guild meeting. The presentation focuses on using a smartphone to create professional images of your quilts, and how to store and organize your photographs. The power point presentation will be followed with a trunk show of quilts featured in the power point presentation.

Trudy has been sewing since the age of twelve, later began piecing quilt tops and then moved on to custom quilting on her own long arm. Her passion for photography became essential when she wanted to record the quilting she did on her customers’ quilts. Trudi is recognized as both a professional photographer and quilter.

In addition to the Thursday night presentation on November 5th, Trudy will be teaching a workshop entitled “Photographing Your Quilt”. The workshop will include two, 3-hour workshops one on Monday, November 9 and the second on November 11 from 9AM to 12 noon. Day one will focus on taking photographs with a smartphone including whole quilt views, close ups, portraits, back of quilt shoots, and labels. Day two will focus on editing pictures taken with your smartphone, selecting the best photograph, cropping the photographs then examining them for exposure, contrast, saturation, and brilliance.

Sign-ups for Trudy workshop will begin in October. The workshop costs $45 dollars per person. To sign up for the class, contact Catherine Brown at clb14@humboldt.edu   
Enrollment is limited to 15 students

To learn more about Trudy go to http://trudycleveland.com

We invite you to join us.

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The Redwood Empire Quilters Guild, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting and encouraging the appreciation and preservation of quilts and quilt making.