April Quilt Challenge: The Right to Vote

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution which gave women
the right to vote. Technically, the 19th amendment gave white women the right to vote. Native American, African American,
Latina American, and Asian-American women gained the right to vote much later with the passage of many other pieces of legislation.
Today there are still many issues related to who should vote that are yet to be settled. Issues include; whether there should be
automatic voter registration through DMV and other government agencies; whether there should be voter ID laws; whether
there should be online voter registration and/or online voting; whether there should be early voting (for those who can’t get to
the polls on election day); or registration on election day (to provide option for eligible voters who might have been kicked off
the voting rolls or couldn’t identify their voting precinct); whether there should be vote by mail; whether eligible high school
students should be allowed to pre-register to vote so when 18 they are automatically registered.
I have voted in every election since I became eligible to vote. I urge everyone else to exercise their right to vote. California has
passed many pieces of legislation to broaden who is eligible to vote yet other states and the courts are much more restrictive
on who can vote.
The quilt challenge for 2020 is to capture your concern, viewpoint, idea about The Right to Vote in the United States. The challenge criteria:
Be no bigger than 24” by 24” or have a perimeter no larger than 96”.
Include one or more words (not part of fabric design) that are embroidered, stenciled, appliqued, etc.
Reflect some aspect of voting (not limited to women’s right to vote}. Can depict historical (ex. suffragettes or civil rights passage) or contemporary aspects of voting.
Include a hanging sleeve
Provide a brief description of the inspiration for your quilt, your name, phone number and address written on an attached label
or index card.
Be submitted on or before March 26 to Nancy Frost (443-5264) or to Ocean Wave Quilt Shop.
For more information or clarification of expectations call Nancy Frost (443-5264). Quilts will be displayed at the April general
meeting and prizes will be awarded.