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Redwood Empire Quilters Guild

Standing Rules

(Revised July 2014)

A.   Membership

Individual Membership entitles member to all privileges of the Guild.

Business Membership entitles business to all privileges of the Guild.  In addition the following are specific to business members.

1.       Designation of one (1) Individual Membership

2.       Business card size advertisement in each monthly Guild newsletter

3.       A full size (8.5” .X 11”) flyer in either a PDF or JPG format can be submitted to the newsletter by the 15th of each month for inclusion only in electronic versions of the newsletter at no charge to the business.  These may be included in the newsletter or as separate attachments on the email.  The Guild is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or changes to these flyers and they will go out as submitted.

4.       In addition to the flyer above, once a year the flyer may also be sent out with paper copies of the newsletter at no charge.  The `business members must supply the Newsletter committee with printed copies of the flyer by the 15th of the month in order for them to be included with the mailed newsletters.

An Associate Membership entitles member to a copy of the newsletter by email or U.S. Mail if mailed in the continental U.S.  Associate members shall not hold office, vote, or have access to library materials.  Associate members shall pay the nonmember fee for workshops and be allowed to attend two (2) regular meetings for a fee of $1.00 per meeting.  A higher fee may be charged for special lectures or programs.

A Business Associate Membership entitles member to a copy of the newsletter by email or U.S. Mail if mailed in the continental U.S.  Business Associate members shall not hold office or vote.

Junior Associate Membership is for ages 10 through 17. Junior Associate members may attend all meetings of the Guild when accompanied by a paid adult member; however, they may not hold office, vote or have access to library materials.  Children 10 to 12 years of age must meet the following condition prior to attending Guild meetings:

1.       They must be sponsored by a paid adult member.

2.       Their sponsor must apply to the REQG board in writing requesting permission for the child to attend.

3.       The application letter must outline the child's interest, skills and achievements in regards to quilting.

4.       The application must be submitted to the REQG board at least a month in advance of bringing a child under 12 to a meeting, to allow the REQG board time to discuss approval.

5.       If any Junior Associate is disruptive or exhibits inappropriate behavior, permission to attend will be rescinded and the sponsor will be directed not to bring the child to future meetings.

B.   Dues

The Guild currently recognizes the following membership categories

Individual Membership                      $25.00                   Membership Card

Business Membership                         $55.00                   Membership Card

Associate Membership                       $15.00                   No Membership Card 

Business Associate Membership      $15.00                   No Membership Card

Junior Associate Membership           No Charge             Membership Card

C.   Attendance by Members

Children under ten (10) years of age shall not attend Guild meetings or workshops.  No pets are allowed except for service dogs with appropriate identification.

D.  Name Tags

In order for members to easily greet each other by name, each member shall wear a name tag at Guild meetings.  A pattern is available from the Membership table for members to make a Guild required name tag holder.  The Membership Committee will provide inserts for these holders.  Members will leave their name tag holders with Membership at the end of each meeting and then pick it back up at the beginning of the next meeting to ensure that their name tag is always available at meetings.  There will be a $1.00 fine for anyone not wearing a Guild required name tag.  In addition to the Guild required name tag, members may also wear other name tags of their choosing.

Guests will be provided name tags.

E.   Guests

Prospective members may attend two (2) meetings as guests before becoming a member.  Fee for guests and prospective members shall be $3.00 per meeting and a $5.00 fee may be charged for special programs.  Children who are not prospective Junior Associate Members shall not attend Guild meetings as guests; children under 10 are never allowed.

Members may distribute Be Our Guest cards to potential members which allow them to attend a meeting for free.  These cards are available at the Membership table.

F.   Non Smoking and Fragrance Policy

There shall be no smoking during the meetings and workshops.  Members are asked to refrain from using perfumes and fragrances at meetings and workshops.

G.  Photo Policy

The Guild has a Facebook page and a website to facilitate communication with and among its members.  Many photographs are taken at meetings and special Guild events. As a means to stimulate interest in quilting and the Guild, photos are posted to both of the Guild’s internet sites.

If you attend a meeting, take part in Show and Tell, or participate in any special Guild activity, a photo of you and/or your quilt may be taken and posted online. Every effort is made not to post embarrassing, unflattering, or inappropriate photos.

Photos taken by members should be for personal enjoyment and not used for commercial gain.

H.  Show and Tell

The Guild asks members to limit Show and Tell items to three per meeting to facilitate greater participation by members.

I.      Raffles

Raffle tickets for quilts or quilt related items shall be sold before a meeting and during the break.  Notice of intent to sell tickets for non-Guild items must be provided to and approved by the President a minimum of two (2) days before the meeting.

J.    Library

Library materials are available at most Guild meetings.

Only members holding a current Individual, Business Membership, or Business Associate Membership shall be allowed to borrow from the Guild library.

1.       Library materials may be checked out for a period of two (2) months and returned promptly.

2.       Library materials must be returned by the June meeting.

3.       Overdue library materials shall be assessed a fine as follows

a.       Overdue one (1) month-$1.00, second month-$2.00, third month-$5.00

b.       Overdue materials not returned after the third month-cost to replace material

c.        Lost or damaged materials - replacement cost

d.       Failure to return library materials by the third month constitutes loss of library privileges

4.       There will be no library service during June, July and August, or during special designated meetings.

K.   Workshops

Workshops shall be announced at regular meetings and in the newsletter so all members have an equal opportunity to make reservations.

1.       The 2nd Vice President presents to the board for its approval options for speakers and workshop programs.

2.       Reservations shall be made at regular meetings and by mail in accordance with rules of the workshop committee.

Fees for each workshop will be set by the REQG board.

Workshop fees shall be refunded if the workshop is canceled.

Workshop fees shall be refunded only if the position can be filled from a waiting list. 

Workshops not filled by REQG members by a predetermined date shall be open to the public at a fee to be determined by the REQG board.

Members giving workshops shall be paid as stated below, and/or as approved by the REQG board.

1.       ½ Day                    $100.00

2.       Full Day                 $175.00

3.       Two Day               $250.00

Members or nonmembers housing a guest teacher shall receive a free workshop.

2nd Vice President shall not receive a free workshop.

2nd Vice President shall coordinate hosting duties with the Hospitality Chairperson.

L.   Honorarium

The Guild shall offer a $50.00 honorarium to a member presenting a program approved by the Program chairperson (excluding such things as demo nights).  This honorarium is a courtesy “Thank You” and to promote Guild participation.

M.Special Service Award

When the board deems it advisable to do so, it may vote to give the Special Service Award to an individual in recognition of exemplary leadership and dedication to the Redwood Empire Quilters Guild through the generous donation of time and talent.  The award is given to long-standing, previously active members who are no longer able to attend meetings, but who have demonstrated a willingness to work for the good of the guild.  Nominations for this honor should be presented to the board and voted on by the eligible voting members of the board.

The award consists of a Lifetime Associate Membership that is given to the recipient.  A $50.00 donation is given to the Humboldt Area Foundation fund in the recipient's name.  A Letter of Recognition is sent to the recipient or to the individual’s family.

N.  Financial Transactions

All financial transactions shall be submitted to the Treasurer monthly, with appropriate documentation, for approval by the REQG board and payment by the Treasurer.  All checks require two signatures.

O.  Contractual Agreements

All contractual agreements shall comply with Article VIII, Section A of the By-laws.

REQG has a contract for speakers and workshops.  This contract should be used whenever possible.

P.   Budget Committee

The Budget committee shall consist of the President, Treasurer and members of the general membership, appointed by the President.  The Budget Committee will meet in August of even numbered years after the closing of the year end books.  The budget will be prepared for a two year period.  The budget shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at the August board meeting and to the Guild membership at the September meeting for final approval.  The proposed budget shall be printed in the September Guild newsletter.

Q.  Audit Committee

An Audit Committee, consisting of three members from the general membership, shall be appointed by the President at the May meeting for the purpose of auditing the financial records of the Guild.  The Audit is to be completed in August at the end of each fiscal year and reported at the September board meeting.  The Audit committee presents a full report to the Guild at the October Guild meeting.

R.   Newsletter

The Newsletter shall be the official means of communication for the Guild. Effective 1/1/2015 all members with email will receive the newsletter electronically. Paper copies will be sent to those without email.

S.    Newsletter - Advertising

Advertising in the Guild newsletter is open to members and non-members on a sliding scale.  Fees for advertising will be set yearly by the Board of Directors at the first Guild meeting of each year.  The REQG board may increase the fee for advertising at any time during the Guild year to cover costs of printing/mailing the newsletter by announcement in the newsletter one (1) month prior to the increase.

T.   Website and Published Documents

Additions, deletions, and/or revisions to the Website (other than routine maintenance by the webmaster) or other published documents of the Guild, including the Bylaws, or Standing Rules, must be submitted in writing for review and action by the Board of Directors.

U.  Humboldt Heritage Quilts

The Humboldt Heritage Quilts shall be maintained by the Historian of the Guild.  The Quilts are available for display at events or locations with prior board approval.

V.   Northern California Quilt Council

The Guild shall be a member of the Northern California Quilt Council.  One or more members shall be designated by the REQG board to attend Northern California Quilt Council meetings.  Such trips may be subsidized by REQG via board approval.

W.Humboldt Area Foundation Fellowship Grants

The Redwood Empire Quilters Guild Fund is referenced in the Guild By-Laws - Article XI - Page 4.