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Redwood Empire Quilters Guild

Standing Committees

(Revised July 2014)

The Standing Committees shall be Community Liaison, Library, Membership, Newsletter, Publicity, and Quilt Show. 


The President, with the approval of the Officers, shall appoint the chairpersons of all Standing Committees.


The chairperson of each Standing Committee shall select the committee members.


The term of office for each Standing Committee chairperson is one (1) year with the exception of the of the QUILT SHOW chairperson who shall serve for two (2) years.


Standing Committee chairpersons are members of the Board of Directors.  Each Standing Committee has one (1) vote cast by the chairperson or co-chairperson.



1.       Investigate non-profit groups and organizations to determine needs best served by the mission of the Guild.

2.       Plan and coordinate all philanthropic projects for the membership with Board of Directors approval.

3.       Ensure that all donated quilts carry the REQG label.

4.       Keep an accurate count of where and how many quilts were donated and report to secretary for inclusion in the annual report.


1.       Acquire, catalog, maintain and provide access to books, periodicals, videos, templates, and patterns.

2.       Maintain an inventory and records for the safety and supervision of all library materials.

3.       Assess and collect fines as outlined in the Standing Rules.

4.       Place reminders in the newsletter for overdue library materials.


1.       Collect dues and give an accurate accounting of money to treasurer.

2.       Responsible for sign-in sheet at each Guild meeting.

3.       Responsible for maintaining accurate membership records in a timely fashion.

4.       Prepare an annual membership directory with member contact information.

5.       Distribute membership cards and name tag inserts to each member.

6.       Welcome guests and provide them with name tags.

7.       Responsible for the sale of Guild merchandise.

8.       Maintain the membership database as a reference for the Board of Directors and committee chairpersons.


1.       Responsibilities of this committee are divided into two parts that may be performed by one or multiple members.

a.       Publication tasks performed by the editor          

                                                               i.      Edit, format, and publish the monthly newsletter.

                                                              ii.      Maintain one (1) copy of each newsletter for Guild archives.

                                                            iii.      Help generate advertisements and collect fees for all advertisements.

                                                            iv.      Deliver the newsletter to the printer.

                                                             v.      Send out electronic copies of the newsletter via email.

b.       Distribution

                                                               i.      Obtain mailing labels from Membership for newsletter and REQG mailings as needed.

                                                              ii.      Pick up newsletter from printer and process for mailing.

                                                            iii.      Deliver extra copies of the newsletter to Membership at Guild meetings.


1.       Plan, coordinate and disseminate publicity regarding regular Guild meetings and special events sponsored or supported by the Guild.

2.       Make contact with local media, print, and broadcast, regarding Guild events.

3.       Assist all Standing Committees with publicity with the exception of the Quilt Show Committee.

4.       Attempt to obtain press releases and pictures of visiting teachers and lecturers for local news media.

5.       All Guild publicity must be approved by the Publicity Committee chairperson and the Guild President.


1.       Serve for a term of two (2) years for biennial Quilt Show (odd year).

2.       Set date, time, and site of Quilt Show for Board approval.

3.       Prepare budget and arrange for insurance with Board approval.

4.       Submit all contractual agreements for Board approval.

5.       Communicate with and coordinate approximately 20 sub-committees.

6.       Conduct an exit meeting with all Quilt Show committee members.

7.        Maintain thorough records of the Quilt Show showing financial results, statistics, and operational issues.

8.       Prepare a written evaluation of the Quilt Show in triplicate, one (1) each to  

a.       President

b.       Quilt Show Chairman Job Notebook

c.        Quilt Show files