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Redwood Empire Quilters Guild

Special Committees

(Revised July 2014)


The Special Committees shall be Awards, Block of the Month, Challenge Quilts, Doll Quilts, Fat Quarter Raffle, Historian, Hospitality, Humboldt Area Foundation, Opportunity Quilt, Preemie Quilts, Raffle Table, Show and Tell, Sunshine, Technology and Social Media, and any committee appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint all committee chairpersons.


Special Committee chairpersons are non-voting members of the Board of Directors.


The term of office for Special Committee chairpersons shall be one (1) year except for the HAF committee (see below).



1.       With the approval of the Board of Directors, coordinate awards and establish premiums to be presented by REQG to individuals and/or groups that best exemplify the mission of the Guild.

2.       These award and/or premiums shall be given at fairs and/or festivals with  consideration given to the following:

a.       Redwood Acres Fair (Eureka) held yearly in June

b.       Humboldt County Fair (Ferndale) held yearly in August

3.       Awards and/or premiums cannot exceed the amount approved in the budget.

4.       Coordinates with Membership to send out letter of membership given to appropriate winners.

5.       Awards

a.       Criteria

                                                               i.      Open to someone who has never been a member of the Guild

                                                              ii.      Award to recognize and encourage quilt making

b.       Shall be one or more of the following

                                                               i.      One year REQG membership

                                                              ii.      Letter of Recognition sent by Membership

                                                            iii.      Cash award of  $25.00 (only given to Junior award winners who are too young to be members of the guild)

6.       Premiums

a.       Premium awards are determined by Judge of each fair and/or festival.

b.       Premium may be given for first, second, and third place.

c.        The Guild is invoiced by the fairs for premium award amounts.

7.       Maintain accurate record of winners.


1.       This committee shall select suitable block(s) each month and distribute with accurate piecing instructions in the newsletter prior to the monthly meeting.

2.       Make a sample block.

3.       Collect the finished blocks for display during the Guild meeting.

4.       Hold a drawing among participating members at meeting.

5.       Keep a record of winners for the Guild year.

6.       Winner is encouraged to participate for remainder of Guild year.


1.       This committee shall set the parameters of the challenge to include theme, pattern, color scheme, shape, size, and form (wall hanging, wearable art, soft sculpture).

2.       Distribute instructions and materials for project.

3.       Collect fees if required.

4.       Arrange for certificates, prizes, and awards if part of challenge.  These are funded by Guild budget and/or merchant donation.  The categories are established by the committee.

5.       Challenge quilt calendar runs January to January in even numbered years.

6.       Challenge quilts are displayed at the Quilt Show.


1.       Small quilts are donated to holiday toy drives.

2.       Doll quilts measure 18" x 18” minimum to 28" x 28" maximum; quilts must be square.

3.       Approximately 300 doll quilts are need yearly.

4.       Doll Quilts are collected at Guild meetings throughout the year for December giving.

5.       Materials are donated by Guild members.

6.       Maintains accurate number of quilts donated and reports total to Guild secretary for inclusion in annual report.


1.       Participants can bring any number of fat quarters for monthly Guild drawing.

2.       Members place their name on raffle ticket for each fat quarter entered.

3.       Depending on the number of fat quarters entered there may be multiple winners.

4.       A theme for fabric may be selected for the monthly drawing and announced at Guild meeting and/or in the newsletter.

5.       Keep a record of winners for Guild year in the Job Description binder.

6.       Winners are encouraged to continue participation after a win by placing a name other than their own on raffle ticket for remainder of Guild year.

7.       Fat quarters measure 18" x 22".


1.       Keep historical record of Guild activities with photographs,  news clips, newsletters, and other noteworthy publicity

2.       Keep additional historic record during Quilt Show year that includes photos of quilts, featured quilter, opportunity quilt, etc.

3.       Stores the Heritage Quilts and the materials that accompany them.

4.       Arranges for the delivery of the Heritage Quilts and the materials that accompany them to board approved events.


1.       Create a cordial, comfortable meeting place for all Guild meetings.

2.       Coordinate finger foods brought in by members and provide beverages.

3.       Coordinate the potluck with 1st Vice President when designated as part of regular Guild meeting and provide beverages.

4.       Maintain a supply of paper products for serving. 


1.       A donor advised funding committee of three (3) people, two (2) from Guild Membership and one (1) non-Guild member with knowledge of the textile arts field.

2.       No member of the Board of Directors may serve on this committee.

3.       The committee is appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

4.       The committee members shall serve a three (3) year term on a rotating basis.

5.       The committee shall present their grant recipient selections to the board for approval prior to funds being awarded.

6.       The committee shall arrange for grant recipients to attend a Guild meeting to receive their funds.

7.       The committee shall arrange for grant recipients to attend our annual meeting in June in the year after their award to present to the membership how the funds were used.


1.       Serve for a term of one (1) year in the year prior to the Quilt Show.

2.       Select a suitable quilt theme and/or design for Board approval.

3.       Prepare a budget for treasurer with Board approval.

4.       Purchase required materials.

5.       Supervise the construction and quilting to completion.


1.       Solicit small quilts measuring 14" X 14" square up to 18” X 18” square which are gifts to premature and at risk infants born at local hospitals and those at regional facilities.

2.       All materials are donated by Guild members made from soft fabrics that can be sterilized if necessary.

3.       Collect completed quilts at Guild meetings throughout the year.

4.       Distribute quilts upon request from local hospitals and regional facilities.

5.       Keep an accurate record of the number of quilts donated and report total to Guild secretary for inclusion in the annual report.


1.       The raffle table is an in-house fundraising activity.

2.       Items are donated by members and displayed at designated Guild meetings.

3.       Tickets are sold to members, guests, and prospective new members.

4.       Number of tickets drawn for raffle items shall be determined by committee.


1.       Provide an opportunity to show and share quilts and quilt related items.

2.       Ensure that the members limit Show and Tell items to three per meeting in order to encourage greater member participation.


1.       When notified by the Board of Directors or the membership, send appropriate card or note to Guild member or immediate family.

2.       Memorial donation in an amount approved by the Board of Directors shall be sent in the name of a deceased member or immediately family.

3.       Redwood Empire Quilters Guild Fellowship Grant Fund at Humboldt Area Foundation is the Guild charity of choice.


N.  Technology and Social Media Networks Committee

1.       Responsible for making timely updates to the Guild’s website

2.       Responsible for maintaining and encouraging participation in the social media networks in which the Guild is involved

3.       Provide technical support to the Guild’s Board in making computer purchases and in using software that the Guild owns

4.       Makes recommendations to the Board in the way that technology can improve the running of the Guild and the experience for its members