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Raffle Table

What Fun, What Excitement!                        

A room full of people anxiously waiting for their name to be called.  Then the rush when they hear their name and they go running to the table to try to get the best (or what they think is best) item on the table.  This is the excitement of the Redwood Empire Quilters Guild (REQG) Raffle Table.  Here's how it works.

Guild members generously donate gently used items to be raffled off to those purchasing tickets.  Items come is all shapes and sizes, but quilting related items are always appreciated.  Items being donated should be brought to the Raffle table prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Those members wishing to participate in the Raffle can purchase tickets at the table  for $1.00 each before the meeting or during the break.  They can also use this time to check out the goods and to plan their winning strategy to get the items they want the most.  From the tickets purchased at a meeting, about 25 or so tickets are drawn.  If your name is called, you are allowed to select one item from the table.  If your name is drawn multiple times, you may select one item for each time your name is called!  Items that are not raffled off after a few meetings are donated to a good cause.

Tip:  Sometimes local shop owners or special guests donate some extra special treats so be on the look out for those! 

We do ask that business members or guests who donate prizes notify the Raffle committee about their donation by handing them a business card with a description of the item on the back when they place the item on the table.  We would like to acknowledge their generosity to the membership during the meeting!