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Membership in Redwood Empire Quilters Guild (REQG) is available to businesses and individuals over the age of 12 with the membership year for REQG running from September through August.  Interested persons may join REQG at any point during the guild year.  Membership dues for the year are due on September 1st and become delinquent on September 15th.  If delinquent, a member's benefits will cease immediately and not resume until the dues are paid. 

Some of the benefits available to members include (please note that not all members receive all benefits):

  • Membership Card-  Identifies the person as a member of the REQG, serves as a receipt for payment, and can be used for discounts at various businesses in the area (please see the membership committee for current details).  Membership cards are available for members to pick up at the meeting after their dues have been paid.
  • Directory - A directory of all members is printed yearly in September to be distributed in October.  The directory contains all submitted contact information with business members listed twice (by their business name and by their primary contact name).
  • Vote - Eligible members receive one vote to be used in voting for guild officers.  These individuals are also eligible to run for office and to serve on committees.
  • Meetings - Eligible members may attend meetings at no cost.
  • Newsletter - Members receive monthly newsletters mailed to their home or business during the guild year.  Eligible members may place business card size ads in each newsletter at no cost; all other members must pay for ads.
  • Library - Eligible members may check out materials from the guild's collection during monthly meetings.
  • Mini Groups - Members can join mini groups that meet outside of regular guild meetings.
The following table shows the membership types that the guild currently recognizes, the cost of that membership, and the benefits of that membership.
Membership Type Cost per guild  year (effective 2008 - 2009 Guild Year) Membership Card Directory Listing Receive Directory Vote Meetings Newsletter Ads in Newsletter Library Privileges
Individual $25.00

$15.00 for new members after February 1st

Yes - under individual name Yes Yes Yes All meetings are free Yes Must pay for ads Yes
Junior Associate

 (Ages 10 - 17)

$00.00 Yes - under individual name Yes, name only Yes No All meetings are free Yes Must pay for ads No
Business $55.00 Yes - under business name Yes - under business name and primary contact name Yes Yes All meetings are free Yes Yes - free business card size ad in regular monthly newsletter

Larger ads and ads in special newsletters must be paid

Business Associate

(in conjunction with a Business membership)

$15.00 No Yes Yes No All meetings are free Yes Must pay for ads Yes
Associate $15.00 No Yes No No 2 free regular meetings

Must pay for all meetings after that and for National meetings

Yes Must pay for ads No
When new members join REQG, they receive a new member packet that contains information about the guild and its activities, a membership directory, and newsletters.  They also receive a temporary name badge that can be worn until the end of the guild year when the new member should have obtained or made their own badge.  The temporary badge should be returned to the membership committee (if requested) at the end of the guild year or when it is replaced by the new members, whichever is sooner.
REQG  encourages all members to participate in guild activities and to volunteer for guild management offices whenever possible.  Please feel free to ask current board members about these positions or see  our Officers page for information on guild positions
A REQG membership registration form is available for printing by clinking on the link below.
Print Individual REQG Membership Registration Form (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from the internet)
Print Business REQG Membership Registration Form (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from the internet)
Print a New Member packet if you failed to pick one up at the Membership Table when you registered