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A sign up sheet is passed around at each meeting for members to sign up to bring refreshments to the next meeting.  Refreshments for the new year meeting in September are provided by the board and committee members.  Healthy snacks and dessert items are encouraged.

Refreshments are available in the kitchen area of the Home Economics Buidling at Redwood Acres at 6:30 pm to give members a chance to visit before the meeting begins at 7:00 pm.  Coffee may not be ready at that time, so bring your own drink if you need to.

Midway through the meeting refreshments are available during the official "Hospitality " break.  This gives people a chance to visit, to move around a bit, to see up close what quilts are waiting for Show and Tell, and of course a chance to nibble on something.

Twice a year, at the December and June meetings, we have a potluck instead of mid-meeting snacks.  Potlucks are always fun.