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Fat Quarter Raffle
Each meeting of the Redwood Empire Quilters Guild (REQG) contains a Fat Quarter Raffle.  You must be a REQG member to participate in this Raffle.

A member may bring one or more fat quarters of good quality, 100% cotton fabric to the Fat Quarter Raffle Table at each REQG general meeting. Each meeting a different theme and/or color combination is published in the newsletter to help the member in fabric selections for the Raffle.   For each fat quarter you bring, you will be given a raffle ticket on which you write your name to enter in the drawing (held later in the meeting) for fat quarters received at that meeting. The more fat quarters submitted, the greater the number of winners and the greater variety of fabric won.

It is encouraged that the Fat Quarter Raffle winner donate a fat quarter and write another REQG member's name on the raffle ticket for the remainder of the Guild year (our meeting year ends with the June meeting).  For example, the Fat Quarter Raffle winner for March must donate a fat quarter and submit someone else's name for the raffle at each of the next 3 meetings, starting with the April meeting and ending with the June meeting. This can make for delightfully unexpected surprises if the name on the winning ticket happens to be that of a member who did not bring a fat quarter to the meeting.

The fat quarters you bring must be of good quality 100% cotton fabric, but need not have been preshrunk. Fat quarters are customarily folded in half twice, rolled up, and bound with a ribbon, rubber band, or fabric scrap, but fat quarters will also be accepted simply folded. Before the meeting begins, be sure to drop off your fat quarters in the container provided on the Fat Quarter Raffle Table. If you forget ties for your fat quarters, there will be some rubber bands or ribbon available. Then fill out your raffle tickets and wait in eager anticipation for the drawing. Maybe you will be the winner this time! 
Colors and Themes
The Fat Quarter Raffle Chair encourages REQG members to participate in the Fat Quarter Raffle to explore color areas they might not have considered or liked, to venture beyond their usual themes and ideas, and to expand their creativity. Through the guild year, the Fat Quarter Raffle Chair may inspire this color exploration by working with every color of the standard 12-color color wheel, usually in some combination of hues and neutrals. Use the color scheme of the month as a prompt to adventure into colors that are 'not you.' To add interest to the Fat Quarter Raffle, the calendar month may be used to suggest colors, themes, occasions, seasons, associations, or moods. These notions can be taken beyond fat quarters to broaden the selection of fabric, appliqué patterns, and quilting designs for your own projects.