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Community Quilts
Redwood Empire Quilters Guild (REQG) is actively involved in various quilt projects throughout the community.  Some of these projects promote our love of quilts and quilting by sharing our knowledge and skills with the community.  Other projects involve our donation of quilts for various charitable causes.  The guild encourages all members to get involved in one or more of these projects.

Leta Wilson delivers 300 doll quilts to the Salvation Army in December of 2003.

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Doll Quilts  

Each year, the REQG works with the Salvation Army to collect doll quilts that are distributed to area children at Christmas.  These quilts are square (for easier wrapping around dolls) and  vary in size from 18 inches by 18 inches to 28 inches by 28 inches.  They are stitched by hand or machine, are pieced or appliquéd, and are loved by the children that receive them!

Local shops and individuals donate materials for this project or members are free to provide their own materials.  Kits can be picked up from the Community Quilts table at guild meetings.  Once completed, the quilts are collected by the Doll Quilt committee and stored until December when they are delivered to the Salvation Army for distribution to the children along with a doll or stuffed toy.  In December of 2003, 300 quilts were delivered to the Salvation Army! 

Preemie Quilts  

REQG got involved in making quilts for preemie babies born at local hospitals back in 1987 when one of its members had a preemie granddaughter.  The baby's mother began making these quilts to cover the babies in isolettes as a way of comforting babies who were too small to be held and were separated from their parents for such a long time.  The guild decided to take this on as a project both to help the babies and their families, and to thank the hospital staff that was so caring to these small patients.  Both parents and hospital staff are pleased with this program.

Preemie quilts are 14 inches square (to fit in the isolette) and must be washable as they have to be sterilized before they are used.  Again, materials are donated or can be provided by the member.  Kits are available at the Community Quilts table at guild meetings.  Quilts can be stitched by hand or machine, can be pieced or appliquéd, and are often kept by the families as a visual reminder of just how small their child started off in life.

Humboldt Area Foundation  

In 1995, REQG established a fund at Humboldt Area Foundation to provide grants and fellowships to encourage interest, education, and activities in the quilting arts.  The fund is held in trust at the Foundation and REQG periodically adds to this fund.  A three member funding committee, two guild members and one non-guild member with a knowledge of the quilting arts field, is appointed by the REQG President and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Income from the fund can be used to:

  • Cover material costs

  • Provide honoraria for instructors, curators, and artists for workshops and classes

  • Support fellowships for individuals to attend education programs related to the quilting arts field

Applications are available to artists who reside in Humboldt County.  They may be requested from the Humboldt Area Foundation by calling (707) 442-2993.  Click here to see the funds granted by year.

Additional information on the Humboldt Area Foundation can be found by clicking on their name above.  To see information at that site specific to the REQG Fund, click here:  REQG Fund

Other Projects  
Some of the other projects with with the guild is involved include:
  • Dialysis Quilts - Lap quilts are provided to dialysis patients in the community to keep them warm and cozy during treatment.

  • Blood Bank - REQG rotates quilts twice yearly for display at the Northern California Community Blood Bank.  Quilts are loaned to the guild by its members.

  • Hospice of Humboldt "We Honor Veterans" - Each veteran in hospice care receives a red, white, and blue quilt in appreciation of their military service.

  • North Coast Veteran's Resource Center - Members make quilts for the displaced veteran's program which belong to the veterans when they complete the program.

  • Quilt Closet - Quilts are made by members for our guild's quilt closet.  These quilts are then given to various community organizations for distribution to people in need.